LGBT Authors

Randomly loving Wimbledon Library’s little stand in honour of LGBT History Month (website here, blog here), which I spotted when I popped in to return a book today.

LGBT History MonthThis set me off looking for a list of LGBT authors which I found here on the Publishing Triangle website and I spotted two of my very favourite books – A Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (who is ambiguous in this respect but appears to be on the list). There is also Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice at the top of the list (definitely not ambiguous) and the wonderful Orlando by Virginia Woolf which I read a couple of years ago and loved.

Who are your favourite LGBT authors? Are any of these authors on your to ‘to be read’ list?

2 responses to “LGBT Authors

  1. Old School Gay: EM Forster, Christopher Isherwood, James Baldwin.

    New School: some Edmund White, some Christopher Bram, problem is I have yet to come across modern gay fiction that holds a candle to the old guys…

  2. Some of my favourite LGBT authors: Woolf, Isherwood, James Baldwin, Colette, Armistead Maupin, Michael Cunningham, Sarah Waters.

    A tragically underrated text that doesn’t appear on the list but that I highly recommend is Trumpet by Jackie Kay (Scottish writer/poet who used to be in a relationship with Carol Ann Duffy).

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