Japanese Literature Challenge #3 Round-up

Dolce Bellezza‘s Japanese Literature Challenge 3 finished as of the end of January and what a wonderful challenge it was. I didn’t really need any convincing to join the challenge as my past experiences of reading Murakami and Natsuo Kirino made me really interested in reading more, however it was a great excuse to read more!

I read two books for the challenge both of which I loved. You can read my thoughts by clicking on the titles.

Looking back I suppose I missed out on trying new authors that I hadn’t read before so that will be my next goal for the Japanese Literature 4. It starts in July so that gives me plenty of time to plan my selection.

Because I like pictures in my posts, here are a couple of pictures from my trip to Japan last February:

The Golden Temple near Kyoto, Japan

Having photo taken with mud on my face after a Shinto festival - a blessing!

What (if any) Japanese authors have you read and who would you recommend?

18 responses to “Japanese Literature Challenge #3 Round-up

  1. I read Out for this challenge as well. And, a Murakami (Wild Sheep Chase). I really should broaden my Japanese authors’ range…

  2. I love Japan! I have an almost identical photo of the golden temple – it is so beautiful isn’t it?

    I think you’ve read the two best authors, but I haven’t read that many. I’m hoping to read a few more in the next few months. I have heard that The Housekeeper and the Professor is fantastic and plan to read The Woman in the Dunes soon. I’ll let you know if I find any other good ones.

    • It is so beautiful. I would love to go back. Thanks for the tips Jackie, I will check those out and consider them for my next list!

  3. miyuki miyabe is quite interesting.

    If you like something unusual, you should try Sayonara Gangsters (I read this book for my challenge)

  4. I’ve read both books and loved them. For something out of the beaten path, I’d recommend Battle Royale by Koushun Takami. But only if you have not read the Hunger Games. Go for the original I say!

    • I’d like to read Battle Royale having seen the movie ages ago but I expect it’s a different experience reading the book. Good thoughts!

  5. Ah yes the great Battle Royale by Koushun Takami….if you like thriller….then this is the best Japanese Thriller I have ever read.

    I’m still looking for the Manga version of Battle Royale.

  6. I didn’t know you’d been to Japan! Oh, I want to go there someday…

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and participation in the JLC3. I so hope you’ll continue into the JLC4 when it comes around in July.

    Due to all the praise, or at least interest, in Out, I’
    ve purchased a copy for myself. I can’t wait to read it!


    • Hello Bellezza, thanks for stopping by! I certainly WILL be doing JLC4 in July – what a brilliant challenge.

      Hope you enjoy Out!

  7. You have won the copy of Good-bye Madame Butterfly. Email your address so I can send it off to you, (Bellezza.mjs@gmail.com) and congratulations!

  8. My favorite Japanese book is, Kafka on the Shore.

  9. When you said “the darker, the better”, I thought immediately of Natsuo Kirino, but then I see you’ve already read Out 🙂 I plan on reading Grotesque for the next JLC, continuing where I left off over a year ago (which was barely at 1/4 of the book anyway). Have you read that one already?

    • Hi Mark! Yes I have read Grotesque, in fact I read it first and was inspired to read more Kirino because apparantly ‘Out is better’. I know someone else who was disappointed with Grotesque because they loved Out and had different expectations. I personally just think it’s quite different but still with Kirino’s very dark writing style. Hope you enjoy that when you do read it for JLC4!

      • To be honest, the reason I put down Grotesque was because I started getting uncomfortable with Yuriko’s scenes. But now, after two years of being a serious reader, I think I can handle a lot more 🙂 See you in the next JLC!

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