Amis v Coetzee

According to The Telegraph, Martin Amis has not only publicly dismissed a whole section of society by predicting a ‘silver tsunami’ of ‘demented very old people’ but has also criticized JM Coetzee (whose novel Disgrace, I recently read and loved) for being ‘gloomy’ and having no talent.

Here’s the article.

I suppose life would be all the more boring if we didn’t have people spouting absolute nonsense now and then. It’s certainly an interesting point of view, given that I have read London Fields and although I found it interesting and clever piece of writing – it was the epitomy of gloomy.

Anyone else want to chip in?

3 responses to “Amis v Coetzee

  1. Oh you know I want to chip into this one… Martin Amis dares to call someone else gloomy is hilarious. Like you I read London Fields, well I did until the nasty gloomy characters and morbid gloomy plot put me off Amis for life. I will definately have to read Disgrace now if Amis isnt a fan hahaha. It is good publicity for both the books… amazing Amis starts slagging successful authors off the moment he has a new book out!

  2. I can never help having my suspicions aroused when a writer causes a scandal just before the release of a new book….Poorly played, Amis!

  3. I’m not a huge fan of Amis but, granted, I’ve only ever read his debut novel ‘The Rachel Papers’ which was ok but very misogynistic.

    I loved Disgrace too. What’s wrong with gloomy?

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