An Unintentional Reading Hiatus…

Novel Insights is going to be a bit quiet this week as I’m having a bit of an unintentional reading hiatus. I’m away for work this week and between presentations, dinners and drinks I don’t seem to be getting any reading time, which is unfortunate, as the hotel I’m staying in has a rather comfy looking armchair.

the only thing bookish about this trip is the hotel carpet! Oh the irony…

7 responses to “An Unintentional Reading Hiatus…

  1. Ah enjoy your reading break, I am liking the carpet very much!

    • Thanks – actually it’s just made me grateful for having the spare time at weekends to catch up! The carpet is funny isn’t it!?

  2. Do you think you could get away with cutting up that carper out of a whole corridor rolling it up and bringing it back with you, wouldnt it make an eye catching slim rug?

    Have you managed to use the spa?

    • Ha, I’m not sure that would be very subtle 🙂 but whoever thought that up was a bit of a genius. I did make it to the swimming pool!

  3. Enjoy the dinners and drinks! I hope you get a chance to relax in that armchair before you have to leave.

  4. What a gorgeous carpet! Perfect for book nooks but a strange choice for a hotel perhaps? Enjoy your trip.

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