Lovely bookish Christmas gifts

I have had some lovely Christmas gifts this year including some thoughtful book-related presents! My Mum got me a stash of books I’ve wanted for ages and my Dad made me a gorgeous bedside bookshelf for my current reads. I will have to add a picture later when I hook up my camera as it’s really something special.

I feel so lucky to have such a thoughtful family! I’ve added a picture of my new books and a suitably snowy pic of me in the Peak District after picking up our goose from a local farm with my Dad for our festive feast. Oh and a posey pic of my contented cat Phoebe who is staying with my Mum in Newcastle.

Seasons greetings everyone!

12 responses to “Lovely bookish Christmas gifts

  1. Love the books, and love the white cat (we had one for 16 years).

    • Oh she’s lovely isn’t she. Actually she’sa bit grumpy but I still love her for it. Thanks for stopping by Diane, and happy Christmas.

  2. Oh look at Phoebe, she is definately far happier at your mums than she was with us (the rude thing hahaha). What a lovely selection of books, I only got one (though one more is on order) but then I do own a silly amount. Maybe you and I can do another rogue read of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in 2010?

    • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo as a rogue sounds like a plan. I will be getting around to Peyton Place and Great Expectations when I’ve finally finished The Moonstone. Who knew Christmas could be so busy?

  3. Oh, I want “I Am a Cat”. I suspect I’ll have to buy it for myself though, as it didn’t arrive this year. I love Phoebe on your mother’s lap!

  4. Ohhh man so jealous! (of the snow and the books) Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas

  5. The little bookshelf sounds fantastic. It’s great knowing someone who’s handy with wood so they can make you excellent presents like bookshelves! Happy holidays.

  6. Oh, I am glad that Santa brought you a copy of I Am a Cat and I love seeing Phoebe; I’m home with my cat for Christmas too.

    • I’m so chuffed, and can’t wait to read I Am a Cat, perhaps I’ll have to read a chapter with her sat on my lap!

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