Lovely Loans

I popped into the library yesterday to return books and get The Shuttle by Frances Hodgeson Burnett, and accidentally came out with a whole stack of books. Muriel Spark overkill do you think?

6 responses to “Lovely Loans

  1. Muriel Spark overkill? There is no such thing!
    I hope you enjoy The Shuttle; it is the perfect reading over the holiday season as is so gripping for that period between Christmas and New Year when you’re bored!

    • No I don’t think you can get too much Muriel Spark either. I might have to have a bit of a binge over the next week or so. Am really looking forward to reading The Shuttle and am going to have to strategically renew it so that I can take it home with me for Christmas.

  2. I agree with Claire. Sparks’ books are all so different it would be hard to get sick of her. I loved The Finishing School.

  3. I agree with Claire and Thomas that you cant have enough Spark (though feels very wrong saying that to you when you introduced me to her) ever!

    I cannot wait to hear your thoughts on The Shuttle!

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