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Q: What items have you ever used as a bookmark? What is the most unusual item you’ve ever used or seen used?

I have become better at using book marks in the past year or so. I used to regularly dog ear pages or if reading a hardback, use the cover to mark the page, but resounding gasps of horror from my boyfriend and from Simon (Savidge Reads), eventually caused me to rethink. I personally don’t have a problem with dog-earing, as while I don’t think you should mistreat books, I like them a little well-loved!

I had a lovely ‘P’ book-clip which I used when reading Anna Karenina, but I think I’ve left that in another book that I’ve stashed away! I’m using a pretty blue butterfly book-clip to mark my copy of Ulysses which I am slowly getting through. One of my favourites is a Jamaica Inn bookmark which I picked up last year on a trip to Cornwall, a literary diversion in honour of Daphne du Maurier however I don’t seem to be able to find that lately either.

At the moment I am using a lovely Postcard featuring a painting of a mermaid by John William Waterhouse which I picked up at the Royal Academy exhibition to mark the pages of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, which seems apt given that he was sort of contemporary to the time period.

What do you use to mark the pages of your books? Do you often lose your favourite book marks like me? Do you recoil in horror at dog-eared pages?

23 responses to “Unusual Bookmarks

  1. I leave bookmarks in library books when I take them back! That’s the most common way I lose them. So I generally tend to use receipts, or whatever else is lying around!

  2. I like the idea of a postcard. I once found an old postcard from the 50s from Disney World in an old copy of Gone With The Wind that that was given to me. It stayed with the book after I finished reading it. Seemed appropriate.

  3. That postcard is lovely!

    I too lose many of my bookmarks, so I will use whatever is lying around–stray receipts, post-it notes, advertisements I’ve received in the mail… whatever is handy, really.

  4. That is indeed a lovely postcard. I used to use paperclips and those clippy metal bookmarks but they easily tear the pages. I don’t mind too much about dog ears but I do prefer to use bookmarks. I agree with you – there’s nothing wrong with the books looking a little for wear through love.

    • I know what you mean about them tearing the pages. The butterfly one is in my copy of Ulysses because it’s doesn’t really stay put, but I don’t take my copy out with me so it’s ok.

  5. I like that postcard! I find that boarding passes make the best bookmarks!

    Booking through Thursdays: Spot on!

  6. Happy to hear you broke the folded corner habit! I also like using postcards as bookmarks. 🙂

  7. That’s a beautiful bookmark. It makes me want to expand my bookmarking horizons. Here’s my mark!

  8. I also use postcards sometimes. I have some of these old birthday cards when turned like 4 or 5. 😀 It is nice to look at those.

    I love to collect bookmarks from different places I go to. They will remind me on all the great things that happened during those trips. 🙂

  9. I try my best never to dog ear unless I can’t find a piece of paper at hand. I love the postcard!

  10. I do gasp in horror yes, I hate, hate, hate dog earred books, outrageous. I do like the bookmark that you are using at the mo. I seem to misplace book marks. I still have my Jamacia Inn one fo course but use it for non fiction reads. In my fiction at the moment I am using a playing card!!!????

    • Outrageous!! Yes, you definitely made me feel a bit bad about dogear-ing books. I used a playing card while travelling that I picked up in Ankhor Wat randomly – they make very good bookmarks.

  11. I love bookmarks – especially homemade ones 🙂

  12. Dog-earing didn’t bother me until I saw the error of my ways and broke myself of the bad habit. And I really don’t have any excuse because I have many, many bookmarks to choose from. I have a big box that I try to keep them all in when they’re not being used in books – that way they don’t disappear quite so often.

  13. I sometimes use post card too 🙂 but it only happen when my pets’ bookmark is out of stock and post card become an emergency bookmark

  14. Hi, thanks for dropping by my blog. I use pretty much anything as a bookmark as long as it won’t damage my book. 🙂

  15. I have used post cards in the past too. Great idea. I don’t have a problem with dog-earring either but I know it makes most people like to do it. It just seems like an easy solution to me. I hope you have a nice week.

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