Teaser Tuesday – The Dog That Came In From The Cold

Inspired by Dot Scribbles who has been posting regularly on the serialised version of Alexander McCall Smith’s The Dog That Came In From The Cold, I’ve started listing to the podcasts (or rather catching up!).

I thought I’d share a short snippet which made me giggle yesterday in which William, one of the residents of Corduroy Mansions is musing about a potential love interest – Angela, and whether her employer MI6 has a clear desk policy:

“He thought that they probably did; the sort of papers these people dealt with certainly could not be left lying about for the prying eyes of cleaners who might have been recruited by the other side. And it would be very easy, he reckoned, to recruit a cleaner; their weakness was tea, and they could doubtless be tempted by a large cup of Darjeeling …”

Chapter 4, The Dangers of Boeuf Stroganoff, The Dog Who Came In From The Cold, Alexander McCall Smith.

If you’re interested in listening to the Telegraph’s free podcasts like me or reading the daily chapters you can find them here.

9 responses to “Teaser Tuesday – The Dog That Came In From The Cold

  1. This sounds like it might be a complicated read. Well perhaps that’s because of the fluff I’ve been reading lately. LOL! Mine are posted here!

  2. Haha that is a great teaser, very funny. Here’s mine!

  3. I just started listening to this. Here is my teaser for this week.

  4. Thanks for the link! Glad you’re enjoying it too!

  5. Ooooh how random that we are both listening to this and havent mentioned it to each other once hahahahaha random. You need to read the first one its very good! I think I like McCall Smith a lot. I should read more of his stuff.

  6. Great Teaser, thanks for the link!

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