Teaser Tuesday – Plato’s Republic

This week my quotation comes from Plato’s Republic, which I am reading for a book group. I have to admit that I’m a bit daunted by all the philosophising, but I’m curious to give it a go and read the ideas. As I am only on the introduction right now, this quotation is completely random:

“It turns out, then,  that people to whom intelligence and goodness are unfamiliar, whose only interest is self-indulgence and so on, spend their lives moving aimlessly to and fro between the bottom and the halfway point, which is as far as they reach. But they never travel any further towards the true heights: they’ve never even looked up there, let alone gone there; they aren’t really satisfied by anything real; they don’t experience steady, pure pleasure.”

Page 335, Plato, Republic (Oxford World’s Classics).

Have you read any philosophical writing? What do you think of the point made here?

3 responses to “Teaser Tuesday – Plato’s Republic

  1. That quote alone freaks me out. I know this isnt the book group I am with you but I have it on fairly good authority the choser hasnt started it and may not actually have a copy yet!!!! Hahaha, am I a snitch?

  2. No, I was going to email today and find out but I might leave things to fate!

  3. Good for you for getting that far I would have gave up by now 🙂

    Here is mine

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