Have library card, will borrow.

Wonderful Wimbledon Library, I have discovered you. I haven’t been a member of a public library for about 10 years, but Savidge Reads convinced me to join this one as I work nearby and I have to say it makes me feel like a kid again! I had to be restrained as I have lots of books at home stacked up that I haven’t read yet, so I just checked out two non-fiction, “how-to” type books that I can browse at leisure and a very short read, The Stepford Wives, by Ira Levin.

Library Loot

It’s a really excellent library with a huge selection of books and automatic check-out machines as well as plenty of comfy seats for when you fancy a bit of a quiet read. It has inspired me to make a concerted effort to borrow instead of buying this year (unless it’s a book I really want to keep) as I have very limited space at the moment. I think I’ve also found the perfect book to join the tail-end of Bibliofreak’s November Novella Challenge!

Are you a member of a library? Do you like to borrow or would you rather buy books to keep?

5 responses to “Have library card, will borrow.

  1. I am addicted to my library. That is part of the reason, I have so many unread books of my own on my shelves. Can’t beat the selection, and FREE is a good thing!

    • Free, so IS a good thing. I’m particularly enjoying the browsing aspect and the fact that I’m picking up more non-fiction books to flick through.

  2. Oooh I am about to do a post (well on tuesday) on my latest library loot – which fortunately avoided the delights of our flooding – as have had a few good purges in there of late. Am so pleased you joined one. I have had Stepford Wives for ages and meant to read it so thank you for reminding me to dig it out!

    • Ooh, yes it’s a quick read and quite interesting so well worth it. I am LOVING the library and have just gone on a second visit, although I am restricting myself to non-fiction while I get through my stack of TBR’s.

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