Booking Through Thursday – One Question

Booking Through Thursday

Q: If you could ask your favorite author (alive or dead) one question … who would you ask, and what would the question be?

Wilkie CollinsI would ask Wilkie Collins about the half sisters from The Woman in White:

If you had to choose, would you marry Laura Fairlie (beautiful but simple) or Marian Halcombe (resourceful, intelligent but “The Lady is Ugly!”)?

24 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – One Question

  1. hahaha I don’t the author but that’s a tought question to ask

  2. That’s a really good question! Just finished reading The Woman in White, thought it was great!

  3. Hah! Great question! Will he practice what he preaches and marry the tough, independent woman or go for the beautiful damsel in distress?

  4. Ah I do like your take on the “how do you really feel about women” question. I adore my Hemingway and have long been convinced that he wasn’t as sexist as people belive. :0)

  5. Hahaha! I don’t know if Wilkie could kiss a woman with such a graphically described hairy upper lip!

  6. I don’t recognize the author, but definitely sounds like a story behind there.
    Great question.
    The BTT post is here at The Burton Review!

  7. Very interesting question. I’d love to know the answer too.

  8. I think Wilkie would have had both after all though he never married he had two common law wifes and I think fathered children by both, only one of them got to join him in his grave… well thats what they told us at Kensal Green!

  9. Love this question!!

  10. What are the chances someone asked him a question like this back in the day? Great question!

  11. I haven’t read The Woman in White, but that’s an intriguing question. It’s always interesting to find out what authors really think about the characters they create.

    • I think he was quite passionate about the Marian character but I think he may have been put off by her hirsute-ness as Rachel says!

  12. I didn’t finish Woman in White.

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