Teaser Tuesdays – Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami


“No matter  what I’m asked to do, no matter what I’m ordered to do, all I can do is say yes, she realised. Miu gazed steadily at Sumire, still holding her hand. Sumire could make out clearly her own figure reflected inside Miu’s dark eyes. It looked to her like her own soul being sucked into the other side of a mirror. Sumire loved that vision, and at the same time it frightened her.”

Page 42, Sputnik Sweetheart, Haruki Murakami.

Sputnik Sweetheart

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22 responses to “Teaser Tuesdays – Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami

  1. An intriguing teaser!
    Mine is here: vhttp://rundpinne.blogspot.com/2009/10/swiss-courier-teaser-tuesdays.html

  2. Comment didn’t show up. :-/

    Loved your teaser!! Beautiful 🙂

  3. Intriguing, I got many emotions reading that teaser, good choice.
    Here is mine.

  4. Sounds very intriguing… I want to know more! Great tease.

    Mine is up too: http://sweetvernalzephyr.blogspot.com/2009/10/tuesday-teaser_20.html

    Happy Tuesday – Miranda

  5. Wow…great teaser. This is one Murakami book that I have not heard of before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  6. Oh I’m glad it’s a new one to you. I’ve read quite a few and this is very tender. I’m loving it so far.

  7. He’s not one of my favorite writers, but he is always interesting. Very good teaser.

    I’ve got a football teaser today! And a giveaway!

  8. Sounds very good – love this teaser.

  9. Need to remember this – I haven’t read any modern Japanese(?) writing

  10. I really like the imagery in this one!

  11. Very intriguing…I’ll be reading Murakami soon.

  12. Intriguing… I like Murakami’s books.

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