Reunited with my 1984 and others…

I’m visiting my Nan this weekend who is both a lovely grandmother and a great friend. She is kindly storing some of my things for me while I’m in a smaller living space including all my ‘read’ books. Here are some pics of my beloved books including my favourite penguin classics and a 1955 copy of 1984 which I’m retrieving to re-read for my next book group.

My Nan is also a book lover and has given my a couple of lovely John Buchans to put on my endless TBR.

Can you spot any of your favourite books in my jumbled up collection? Does anyone else have an unhealthy obsession with battered penguin classics?

10 responses to “Reunited with my 1984 and others…

  1. I utterly adore posts that show other peoples endless piles of books it makes me so happy partly to know I am not the only one and partly because I am nosey.

    You know I love my orange spined Penguin Classics and we have both been known to buy books we have never heard of just because they come out in that format.

    Loving your copy of 1984 mine is a bit shameful and modern!

  2. Ooooh love seeing all your books! I am jealous of your orange penguins…such a classic and beautiful design. Isn’t it lovely being reunited with books? I have tons in storage and whenever I go through them I always find a book I forgot I had.

  3. I have a few battered orange penguins but I mainly have the newer silver ones, now outdated by the modern white.

    I realised I had left my copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four at my parents’ house (along with many other books), a Penguin copy from about ten years ago with an interesting design, but then I found another copy in my Penguin boxset of banned books!

    • Oh fabulous. I do also like the silver penguins. I have a Catcher in the Rye version in that series. I can’t believe 1984 was banned! In the UK?

  4. Not sure where but not in the UK. Books are frequently challenged and banned in some States; I think in the case of Nineteen Eighty-Four it was for its “pro-communism”. I find it ironic that a dystopian book about censorship has been censored *rolls eyes*.

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