Bookish Acquisition – A. A. Milne’s The Red House Mystery

A. A. MilneI was thinking the other day about how I love Winnie the Pooh (tiddly-pom…) and decided to read more about A. A. Milne on the internet. To my surprise I discovered that he had also written quite a few other novels including a mystery which I thought sounded right up my street. So I had a quick look on eBay and found a 1939 copy of The Red House Mystery, originally published in 1922. Here’s a little synopsis from Wikipedia;

The setting is bachelor Mark Ablett’s English country house loaded with guests, including a British major, a wilful actress, and a young jock athlete. Mark’s long-lost brother Robert, the black sheep of the family, arrives from Australia and is found murdered in a locked room. Mark Ablett has disappeared so Tony Gillingham and his friend Bill decide to investigate, progressing almost playfully through the novel while the clues mount up the theories abound.

A willful actress, a black sheep, a murder…doesn’t it sound quite wonderfully exciting?!

Anyway, I can’t wait to receive my copy in the post Red House(Royal Mail strikes permitting) and find out what A. A. Milne’s other writing was like. You can still get The Red House Mystery new and judging from the reviews on Amazon apparently it’s quite good! I will be posting my own thoughts once i’ve got my mitts on it.

Have you come across lesser-known novels by famous authors that you enjoyed?

6 responses to “Bookish Acquisition – A. A. Milne’s The Red House Mystery

  1. This does sound wonderful I had no idea that he had written this sort of book either. Mind you I havent read, as I shockingly confessed to you this weekend, any of the Winnie The Pooh books either, whoops.

  2. AA Milne is actually the author who first set me off on obsessive book reading… as an adult, anyway, when I discovered all his non-children’s books. He’s written so many – and I love them all, more or less. Lots of sketches and light-hearted things for Punch, many plays, this detective novel, a wonderful autobiography, cricket poetry, some pacifist literature… he did just about everything! I enjoyed this, but I think Two People is even better – you can find it on my blog, if you want to, by searching by author. He has a great ‘voice’ in his literature which is immediately identifiable. I hope you enjoy this and I’ll stop rambling now!

    • Ramble away! That makes me feel even more happy for finding this… And good suggestions should I love it thank you. I’ll pootle over in a bit and take a look at your post.

  3. Hey! Found you through Jackie at FarmLane (i’m Dan H). Been discussing this recently in the light of a post on one of my fave redaers’ blogs, Tony’s Reading Blog

    I love Murakami, but because this is an old, obscure novel (and he won’t let it be reissued) even battered copies cost hundreds of pounds. I wonder of how many authors’ works this is true – and whether it ends up becoming a self-perpetuating obscurity.
    I often think this when I go to gigs – with bands selling signed, short run, hand-pressed CDs, which is why I always buy one just in case.

    • Hi Dan! (Thanks for visiting :))
      I’ve never heard of that Murakami although I do love his writing- isn’t it wonderful to find these little gems. What’s your blog link (it’ didn’t come with your post)?

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