I work in mobile internet, and my love of books means that whenever I’m checking up on the latest mobile news I get drawn to stories about what people are developing for this platform.

Simon & SchusterI’m a dedicated paper-format reader usually but have been half-won over by the Eucalyptus iPhone app which I blogged about in my Paper vs Pixels post. However, I just came across this article about a new concept by publishers Simon and Schuster to create a mobile video/book hybrid app. Apparently these will be downloadable books which will have short video segments interspersed throughout the text. There is more info about ‘Vooks’ on the Simon & Schuster website.

I can’t quite picture how this will work, but I suppose it will be a bit like having illustrations in a normal book. I can see this being very useful for instructional books, but fiction – I’m not so sure? It isn’t often that I find pictures in books to add to a story, rather I find it can detract from how I imagine it in my head. I find it strange to think of it working for traditional books but perhaps there is scope for video in books in the thriller / fantasy genre.

Do you think ‘Vooks’ is a good idea? What role do you think video could have in books?

3 responses to “Vooks?!

  1. I fear for the human race!

  2. Sounds hideous, what more can I say?

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