Savidge Reads’ Sensation Season

1877 Smith & Elder edition of Wilkie Collins' Armadale

1877 Smith & Elder edition of Wilkie Collins' Armadale

Autumn’s creeping in and the days are getting shorter. Surely there isn’t a better time of year to curl up with a book and a cup of tea and get totally absorbed in a dark and twisted plot.

My most trusted book guru Savidge Reads has launched his Sensation Season and I couldn’t wait to choose a novel from his sensational schedule! A ‘Sensation Novel’ is typically fiction from the Victorian era that was shocking in its day due to themes like adultery, theft, kidnapping, insanity, bigamy, forgery, seduction and murder set against common domestic scenes. Wilkie Collins is probably the most famous Sensation authors, along with Mary Elizabeth Braddon and Ellen Wood, and Charles’ Dickens Great Expectations also falls under the genre.

I recently read Wilkie Collins’s The Woman In White (which suits ‘Sensation’ criteria very well indeed), and absolutely loved it so I’ve been looking for an excuse to read more. Savidge Reads has been hotly tipping Armadale, and the ‘femme fatale’ storyline immediately attracted me:

When the elderly Allan Armadale makes a terrible confession on his death-bed, he has little idea of the repercussions to come, for the secret he reveals involves the mysterious Lydia Gwilt: flame-haired temptress, bigamist, laudanum addict and husband-poisoner.

I am also going over to the dark side a bit with this one and reading it on my iPhone with the Eucalyptus App, as now I’ve paid the £6.99 for the app I have downloaded it for free (the app allows you to download any of 20,000 books from the Gutenberg Project). I don’t think it’ll ever be a substitute for a real book, but I’m going to see how it goes, and I expect it’ll be much easier to carry on the Tube. Oh how I wish I could get a blood red copy like the one pictured above though! Anyway, I digress…

Savidge Reads will be tackling 16 Sensation novels from now until Christmas and has set up a special schedule for anyone who would like to dip in and select their favourites to read. You can find out more about Sensation Novels and see the schedule here.

3 responses to “Savidge Reads’ Sensation Season

  1. Oh thanks for putting a whole piost up about this, that was very, very kind of you! You should have mentioned, as I did, that you were helping me sort the whole shedule out for almost 2 hours!!!!

  2. Erm whats a poist… think I meant post!

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