Booking Through Thursday – Recent Informative

Booking Through Thursday

Q: What’s the most informative book you’ve read recently?

A: I tend to read fiction mainly so I would say that the most informative book I have read lately was Peter Carey’s 2001 Booker Prize-winning True History of the Kelly Gang. It’s a beautifully imagined fictional account of the real life Australian historical figure Ned Kelly. It’s an area of history I’ve never studied and I never would have been prompted to look into but Carey’s novel makes me want to know more about this era and this ‘Australian Robin Hood’. It’s a brilliant book which I rate very highly. You can read my full review here or click on the image below.

The True History of the Kelly Gang

27 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Recent Informative

  1. Oh you went for fiction being informative too – hoorah! I was worried it would be just me at first, so I popped a non fiction one in too. I think I need to read the True History of the Kelly Gang very soon!

  2. Ah good, I think there will be a fair amount of historical fiction choices, today! This sounds great.

  3. Vaguely unrelated: That cover totally made me think of The Man from Snowy River.

  4. I’ve wanted to read this for years! I will get to it eventually!

  5. Most of us will choose historical books. Fiction or otherwise. I did too!

    Booking through recent informative

  6. Sounds like a fascinating book. And what a beautiful cover!

  7. Good choice. . .I’ll have to check into this one!

  8. This sounds really good – I will have to check it out.

  9. It’s been awhile since I’ve read any historical fiction so I’ll store that away for the future, thanks.

  10. I would love to read something like that.

  11. I loved that book (and other Carey books). It’s fantastic, really. One of the best.

    • So glad you liked it too. I thought it was interesting that I didn’t necessarily think it was my kind of thing but I loved it.

  12. I have a temperamental relationship with Carey, and this was one of his books I just could not get into. It might also have something to do with the subject matter: as an Australian kid we had this period of history rammed down our throats. I know a lot about bushrangers and have been to see Ned Kelly’s house; I’ve even seen his death mask (he was hanged at Melbourne Gaol). But ask me anything about British history and I do not have a clue!! 😉

    • Sounds like my experience with the ‘Venerable Bede (the monk)’ and ‘The Romans’ as living up north in England you get the full on history and grand tour just like you must have done! It does kind of have that effect!

  13. It looks like an interesting book…historical fiction is one of my source of infrmation on history…Reading actual history book can be boring sometimes

  14. I used a fiction book as well! I think that when fiction is realistic it can teach you a lot!

  15. Sounds like an interesting book.

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