Booking Through Thursday – Recent Fluff

Star - Pamela AndersonI don’t tend to read ‘fluff’ fiction very often although I do like to intersperse my heavier reads with page-turning crime fiction like that of Linwood Barclay or my favourite thriller lady-writer Sophie Hannah. But although I find it a light read I guess those are a bit dark to be ‘fluff’!

If we’re talking uber-fluff, then I have to think back 2005 when friend bought me Star by Pamela Andersonto cheer up the chilly winter months. It was in my pre-blogging days but I did write a review of it on Ciao here if you’re interested!

Oh yes and I also picked up a Nora Roberts novel called The Reef purely because it looked fluffy and I loved the cover. I found it highly entertaining and completely escapist and blogged about it here. I did a bit of irreverent chat about what makes a Romantic Thriller, even though at the time I didn’t realise simply how successful this author was. Probably why I enjoyed it so much!

What kind of ‘light’ fiction do you read for fun?

12 responses to “Booking Through Thursday – Recent Fluff

  1. The Reef looks like something I would like. Happy BTT.

    • Happy BTT to you too! Yes it was quite entertaining, the kind of thing I would love to see as a movie and maybe with James Ford from lost as the hero hahaha.

  2. Anything with Pam Anderson has to be fluff! Here is mine

  3. I like a bit of fluff in between more serious reads. Here’s my BTT response.

  4. Talking of uber-fluff: how can we forget Paris Hilton’s “Confessions of an heiress” 😉

  5. Now that is most certainly fluff! Nice picks!

  6. Pam Anderson is definite fluff which we all need once in a while!

  7. I am not even sure on the definition of the fluff book. I have a feeling it’s something like a romance or a book that doesn’t really deal with anything serious. And like you I tend to read more serious stuff. I can see how the one you mentioned can be totally fluffy and silly.

  8. I shamefully admit I own this, though I have never read it… is it wrong I kinda want to now!?

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