Another Book List – Food for Thought


Going through my comments and subsequently snooping on other people’s blog I came across a reference to The Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels on Thomas’s My Porch Blog.

It’s not that I feel I need to read every recommended book ever but it is good to have a bit of inspiration sometimes and this one has got a bit of a different mix and includes lots of books I would never have considered. I’ll be keeping an eye out for some of those in my local second hand book shop, Copperfields which I discovered a few weeks ago  (Perk of the Job).

Also, top of the list is Ulysses which I’ll be reading for DoveGreyReader’s Team Ulysses challenge. I haven’t started it yet… whoops! And there are a few from my TBR list like I Claudius which I really should get round to.

Here’s that 100 Best Novels List  for anyone else that’s interested.

5 responses to “Another Book List – Food for Thought

  1. I, like you, do love having a snoop around at other peoples favourite books as if they like a lot of the stuff you do and then have a big list of random books you know you may very well get along with those and so need to look out for them.

    How many times has Copperfields tempted you in so far?

    • You know what I’ve been pretty good so far at just browsing… I guess I’ve got so many piled up now I’m being wonderfully restrained. But I’m sure it won’t be long before I’m tempted…

  2. The list is woefully low on female authors. At the time that it came out there were alternative lists that sprung up on the web because they felt the ML list was too knee jerk dead white male. To look like they were being more inclusive of diversity, the Modern Library even had a companion list where reader’s could nominate and vote for their favorites. But that list was soon overpopulated with L.Ron Hubbard and Star Trek books.

    Joyce is such an important author that I didn’t feel too bad about slagging him off on my blog. It obviously says more about me and my tastes than it says about Joyce.

    By the way, the Modern Library list is where I first heard of The Alexandria Quartet. And all four of them only count as one!

    When I got about 2/3 of the way through the list it did start to become a chore. But it was great for giving me reading ideas.

    • Oh I know it seems a bit naughty when 4 books count as one! They did that on the BBC 100 booklist with the entire works of Shakespeare!! I had a bit of a hunt and spotted one of those counter lists. I wonder – perhaps Virago is missing a trick and they should put together a female authors list…

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