A Double Dose of Ulysses

Savidge Reads has inspired me to join Dovegreyreader‘s Team Ulysses and very sweetly fetched me a copy from his local secondhand bookshop. But I had already bid on one on a nice Penguin Classic on Ebay after carefully selecting  a  so now I have two. Whoops!


Is anyone else following Team Ulysses? How are people getting on? If you read it before did you love it and was it as difficult as people say?

Also, I’ve just moved to WordPress from Blogger as the publishing tools and dashboard seem significantly more sophisticated (Google, sort it out!) and am settling into my new home so hope people like the new look.

6 responses to “A Double Dose of Ulysses

  1. Congratulations on making to move to wordpress. I think you’ll find it much better.

    I’m reading Ulysses too. I look forward to hearing what you think of it.

  2. Oh keep the second cover! The simple black one is so much nocer than the one that I got you! You could sell that on! Loving the new look.

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